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You can help!

A $1600 fully deductible contribution will pay for the expenses for one deserving young person’s homestay experience, BUT your contribution in any amount will help to build international understanding and good will.

Contribute TODAY!

AILI relies exclusively on the generous support of our community

and internatiunal partners to  provide homestay scholarships

to deserving youth each year.

100% of donations are used to pay the costs of

homestay scholarship opportunities.

AILI initiated the scholarship program in 2008.  Today,  American International Learning Institute (AILI) annually provides full scholarships to 9-18 deserving teens  per year for cultural homestays in  the US, Europe, and Asia. These unique experiences foster international understanding, improve communication, and promote goodwill throughout the world.

The following International Organizations generously provide

homestays or campstays for our scholarship recipients:

Dipont (China) - 2 homestays per year

Calvin Thomas (France)- 1 homestays per year

Compass USA(USA)- 7-12 homestays per year

Indirizzo Inghilterra (Italy) - 2 homestay per year

Juventud y Cultura (Spain) - 2 campstays per year

Our international partners generously provide 100% of the three-week homestays and administrative services.  In addition, it costs $1,600-$2,300

for airfare and insurance for each scholarship recipient.

Many thanks to the volunteer host families  from Compass USA who generously donated to the

AILI scholarship fund!

  2012: $27,575

  2013: $8,300  

  2014: $18,239

  2015: $19,948

  2016:  $19,500

 2017:  $15,731

2018: $15,226